Opposing Fronts

I’m really enjoying Company of Heroes: Opposing Fronts. I’m going to go into details, but I promise it’s worth readings.

Two factions: British and Panzer Elite (Germans). British have Canadians. Germans have the ability to destroy control points.

Honestly, I enjoy the PE as much as I enjoy the Brits. It’s pretty fun… And strange, since Panzer means tank (right?), but they have like 2 tanks. I’m okay with that.

I’d love to play it with someone, but no one has it, nor is it easy to “get.” But still. If you liked the original at the LAN, try picking up CoH gold. Has ’em both… Or, wait until CoH: Tales of Valor comes out, as it’ll have both factions and additions, probably at the same price.


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2 Responses to Opposing Fronts

  1. Blackblade says:

    When I saw the news that Israel had started deploying ground troops, the only thing that could go through my mind was “Israel has escalated to Panzer stage.” Is it wrong to make mental comparisons between Israel and the Third Reich?

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