Quick Thoughts (Take Two):

*FireFox crashed when I started writing this entry, so I assume the government is trying to stop me from posting this
*Biology is hard when your teacher has reallllyyyy small handwriting
*Dr. Forbes > All. Five minute long discussions ftw.
*I want to get into the new dorms. I would also be willing to pay a little more if they were a bit bigger.
*Slumdog Millionaire is actually a really good movie. You guys should all try to see it.
*Devon and I have logged around 54 or 55 hours in Tales of Vesperia. That’s longer than it took me to beat Symphonia (49hrs), and we still have at least one dungeon left.
*I still want to beat Tales of the Abyss
*We all need to do something the next time I’m in town, which looks the be the weekend of 21 Feb.
*My schedule for the weekends between then and now:
**Next Weekend: Pensacola for a Speech & Debate Tournament (Fri-Sat), Super Bowl (Sunday)
**After That: Quiz Bowl Tournament, MSU
**Following THAT: Work, Valentine’s Day
**And Then: Home, hopefully. Assuming I survive.

And now to Psychology.


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6 Responses to So…

  1. Blackblade says:

    Feb 21 is when we’ll be getting back from MUN.

    Speaking of MUN, younger Farrington didn’t have his resolution today, so we made him leave the room as we collectively wrote one for him that involves collecting methane from cows. We’re submitting it late, so that it won’t make the book, and he will go up to the stand knowing even less than he normally would. One of the lines reads “ATTACHES a methane-collection device to the posterior of every bovine.”

  2. Blackblade says:

    Here’s his full resolution.

    INTRODUCED BY: Pascagoula High School, PHS Mode UN, Pascagoula, MS

    AUTHOR: Jeffery Farrington REPRESENTING: The Hellenic Republic

    ALARMED by the recent discovery that cows produce methane;

    NOTING WITH GLEE that methane has recently surpassed ethanol as an alternate fuel source;

    COMPLETELY IGNORING that methane is a greater source of greenhouse emissions that carbon dioxide;

    STRONGLY BELIEVING that cows have similar rights to women;


    A. ATTACHES methane collecting apparatuses to the posterior of every bovine;

    B. ESTABLISHES a committee to collect and regulate the sale of this methane;

    1. RECOMMENDS that any fecal matter that is collected by this method be sold also;

    2. ALSO RECOMMENDS that any profits from this sale be given to the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change to find new methods to prevent global warming;

    C. REMINDS that Zeus will smite those in non-compliance;

    D. DECIDES to remain actively seized of the matter.

  3. Lunais says:

    …I am not sure what to make of that resolution.


  4. Blackblade says:

    The GA President this year always acts like he has a pill up his ass, so I have a feeling that it will be a pretty epic crash and burn.

  5. cheshil says:

    @Tony. You are my hero.

    We should. I’ll be home soon.

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