Dawn of War II: Multiplayer Beta First Impressions

Note: I’ve played two matches, a 1v1 as Space Marines versus an easy Space Marine AI and a 3v3 as the Tyranids (with two AI: Orkz and more Orkz, I believe), versus 2 Eldar and 1 Space Marine army (all easy).

First Thought: This UI. Wtf. It’s all icons. No idea what does anything.
After a bit, it becomes clearer. DoWII is made by Relic (Company of Heroes), so it has a lot of similar features, but the icons aren’t familiar or nearly as prominent (i.e. the retreat button and the reinforcement button). Weapon upgrades are pretty similar to CoH and seem good.

The game is even faster paced than CoH, with zero base building, so there’s little time to “learn” while playing – for example, mousing over the icons to upgrade weapons gives you a name that means nothing to me (since I don’t play Warhammer 40k), so I have to read the description… And usually lose some units in the process.

But? It’s fun. It’s quick. The 3v3 was over in maybe 15 minutes. I’m considering purchasing the game now (and I wasn’t really before)… Or, at least, after a price drop or two.


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