My Life

I should update about it more. So I’ll do my best.

The last week was more or less miserably filled with a gamut of tests and papers, but last minute schedule changes (two of them, in fact, one of them just two hours before class) has pushed one of my tests to tomorrow. This week I have a test and two papers (plus a review, actually) due by Friday.

Anyway. I’m going home next weekend – not that the MUN people will be there, but still. Consider Movie Day pushed back… But ’till when? Read on!

I probably won’t be home again until Spring Break (13 March and forward)… But that’s also RE5 time, so I’ve set that aside for Liana and I to play (speaking of which, who’s supposed to buy it? are we splitting it?)… But maybe on the 14th we can have it. Movie Day = everyone brings a movie, approximately 2 hours (extra time has to be approved), we get popcorn, snacks, and watch. It’ll be awesome.

Sound good? What are your movie picks (and how long are they?)?

I’m excited about going home next weekend… And I’m going to the OS Night Mardi Gras Parade. You in, Liana?

Hm… Anything else?

Oh. Happy V-Day! Hopefully everyone got/enjoyed chocolate.


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6 Responses to My Life

  1. Lunais says:

    Depends. What day is the parade?

  2. Blackblade says:

    Why don’t we go to a night showing of the International on Saturday? After we get back from MUN.

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