Things Don’t Always Work Out

Of course, the title refers to the date of filming, which again has been pushed back due to an actress pulling out unexpectedly. We’re now looking into the summer, but I’ve learned a valuable lesson: there’s no need to make announcements this early.

The same goes, of course, for other announcements… Except, I do need a lighting consultant and a creative consultant. No experience necessary, must live in or be able to travel to Ocean Springs, and should not expect pay. Your job title is just a title; don’t expect to have anything spectacular to do. Send in your apps now!

Also, one of the Poli Sci teachers here has been sending out e-mails about the study abroad program Millsaps has with a university in Japan… From his last e-mail, I’ve selected a few funny items:

Top Ten Reasons to Study in at Akita International University through
Millsaps’ New Tuition Waiver Agreement with Akita:

8. Fact that you cannot go on the program unless you have a GPA of 2.5 or
above gives you an extra incentive to learn English.

5. Really cute little Japanese kids like to come up to foreigners on the
street and practice their English by holding up a writing implement and
announcing, “This is a pen!”

3. Being from Mississippi you will have a perfect excuse to get Japanese
people to try to say “Mississippi.”

1. Immediate sense of camaraderie that being from Mississippi gives you with
the Japanese based on your shared historical experience being invaded and
occupied by the United States.

Dr. Reinhard, you win.


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