Art of Defense

“Art” is the term I’d use, for sure. Jorge and I just finished three rounds of a mini AoD map in Zero Hour. Simply put, the map gives you a good bit of money (and places to get more), a chokepoint to defend, and gives you a countdown. Seems easy enough (even if everybody has their own choke)… Except the AI is scripted to constantly attack. We’re talking relentless. Things that happened to me:

  • Jarmen Para-drop (plane and Jarmens shot down before landing)
  • Black Lotus Para-drop (she captured my barracks and CC, selling them – also got two power)
  • Emperor sneak attack. Did I mention they were stealth?
  • EMP. MOAB. Artillery. In that order
  • Four carpet bombs. One plane.
  • SCUDSTORMMMM! …On my base. With no countdown.
  • Eight Jarmens on the ground and once. Supported with pathfinders
  • Toxin Rebels. Demo Rebels. Demo Terrorists. Demo Bikes. Regular Bikes.
  • One battle group consisting of: Tomahawks, nuke launchers, scud launchers
  • And so on.

    We lost the first game. I played as Air and Jorge as Toxin – I couldn’t stop them quick enough, and their pathfinders killed all of my infantry.

    The second and third games had a glitch, which robs us of our victories, I think. Nothing spawned from the second choke.

    Still. He played Tox, and I tried laser. Laser defenses > all. Just protect the power. They took down all of the stuff you read in that list. With some Laser Tanks and Avengers, I even stopped the Scud/Tomahawk arty. I covered the front choke in the first one and managed to survive pretty well until the end when they went all out; even then, I didn’t get pushed back very far.

    I played the back in our second round. Jorge held the front admirably for 7/8s the time, but didn’t manage to survive. My laser defenses managed to survive the last 2 or so minutes just barely.

    So yeah. AoD maps at LAN = intense. I’ve got a good 6v1 map that should be epic.

    (P.S.: All of the above was against easy difficulty.)


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    1. matt says:

      This blog’s great!! Thanks :).

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