Finals Week

So today I took my final Heritage test. I think I did rather well. To be completely honest, I’m glad it’s over – there’s a lot of stress before Heritage tests ’cause they cover a bunch of stuff from so many different fields. Everyone says I’ll soon miss Heritage tests, but I hope not.

Tomorrow at 9AM I have my Biology final. It’s not comprehensive, which is good, but might be a two hour test on Mendelian Genetics/mitosis & meiosis, which would not be fun. On the other hand, it may just be a fifty minute test. I can hope.

After that final, I have to travel to my uncle’s to drop off my fridge and microwave for the summer (I don’t really need it at home, to be honest) and hit lunch with Devon… Followed by Wal-mart, where I’ll get ingredients for chicken fajitas… That will be cooked tomorrow evening in my roommate’s fraternity house’s kitchen. We’re also going to watch a film.

Before that, I’m going to my younger cousin’s band concert. Should be interesting.

There are no exams on Wednesday, so after enjoying Tuesday, it’s back to the books to study for my (also not comprehensive) Psychology final – sadly I need to write two papers for the class, as well as revising another on top of the studying. That final is on Thursday at 2PM, and after four or so, I’ll be on my way home for a rather epic four months of summer.

Back to studying! Birthday entry forthcoming, I promise.


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