Summer? Already?

Well, apparently it’s time for summer vacation. Sure, it’s April (or, if you’re technical, May), but somehow I’ve managed to complete my first year of college in what feels like a month, but amounts to 8 of them.

It’s been different, that’s for sure. As expected, I’ve joined clubs, left clubs, and formed club(s). I’ve gotten good grades, bad grades, and no grades (seriously, I’m still not sure what I got on some of my Psych work). I’m no closer to knowing what I want to do with my life, but I do know that it doesn’t involve roots of evil.

I promise a nice “Cheshil went to college and stuff” entry at some point after my long-awaited and fabled birthday entry.


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2 Responses to Summer? Already?

  1. Blackblade says:

    No roots of evil? I’m disappointed.

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