Cheshil Went to College

…And now I’m back.

To be completely honest, this year was REALLY quick. I mean seriously fast. It started, it ended, and I don’t feel like it even happened.

But, well, it did. So I figure I should recap.

This year, I joined the following clubs: Fencing Club, Ballroom Dancing Club, Speech & Debate Club and Model UN. At the end of the year, I was still a member of the latter two, but only Speech and Debate actually met.

As it worked out, I ran for and lost an election to be the 2nd Vice President for Speech & Debate, but eventually got the job anyway. Besides classes, my first semester was dominated by meetings for Ballroom Dancing and Speech & Debate… At least until the end of the semester. As the fates would have it, Devon and I accompanied two people, Kailey and Celeste, to a Quiz Bowl tournament… Eventually we became rather close with Kailey, but Celeste transferred.

Fast forward to this past semester. Devon and I stopped going to Ballroom Dancing. As luck would have it, my roommate moved up to a different room and I got a new roommate – Michael. We clicked much more than my old roommate and we hung out a lot, including Taco Bell time (11:30PM) and Wal-Mart runs (the later the better).

So there are four of us: Michael, Kailey, Devon and myself. We have one important shared memory: Alone in the Dark… Possibly the worst video game ever made.

I don’t think I can describe just how utterly terrible it was, but let’s just say that we beat it, somehow, and that roots of evil are some of the most ridiculous gameplay elements ever invented.

Also throughout the semester, Quiz Bowl strove to become a real club and Michael and I decided we needed a gamer’s club. First, QB.

We went to another tournament, this one at MSU, and saw John and Chris… And lost, miserably. While I may be an officer of quiz bowl, I do not plan to compete in tournaments if I can help it.

As for the gamer’s club, we settled on the name “The Society for the Advancement of the Electronic Culture” or SAEC. It’s fancy, and it fits the billing: we’re a club for gaming, going on the internet, and watching TV and films.

Both clubs were partially recognized by the end of the year; my goal is a LAN party paid for and hosted by Millsaps before the end of 2010.

At the end of the year, Speech and Debate Club participates in a Mock Trial competition. I participated and that saga will be noted in the possibly-real, possibly-mythological birthday entry I plan to post.

I managed to get sick towards the end of the semester, which tanked my Bio grade into an A-. Otherwise, I got all As, meaning I’ve replicated my 3.918 GPA from last semester, making my full year GPA 3.918.

This entry was really disjointed.


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