Summer Goals

This entry is quite different than the other one, as this is more forward-looking than retrospective.

Those loyal viewers of my blog must remember that I always stated my summer goals on the 31st of May every year, right after we got out of school. Since summer starts so much earlier, I planned on doing the same but on the 10th… I forgot. So now, the 11th of May, is goal day.

Summer Goals, 2009 edition:

1. The successful filming and release of at least two episodes of Trouble in Paradise – this is already on the books, so the key word is “successful”
2. At least two LAN parties – one’s planned already
3. Making tons of money at this job thing I’m going to have to do
4. Getting a picture outside of Bridge Studios, in Vancouver (the studio that makes all of the Stargate shows)
5. Preparing SAEC for it’s first year and making sure it’s all that it can be

Sound good? I think so.


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