The Long-Awaited Birthday Post

So, my birthday was waaay back on the 23rd of April, a Thursday and (coincidentally) the second to last day of classes… Or, as it would turn out for me, my last day of classes.

Before my birthday, I was rather stressed about a Mock Trial I was under-prepared for; it was scheduled for the 24th. It pretty took up whatever freetime I had, but I was never overly confident… So, clearly, I was pretty worried about it on my birthday.

Devon was to take me out to a fancy Italian restaurant, and I was going to go late to the mock trial meeting and stress afterwards. Luckily for me, I got a text message from my partner for the trial, who was sick, saying he couldn’t do it and I was off the hook. Que happiness.

I went to dinner and had nothing short of an excellent time. The food was amazing, the company was better, and I got a creme brule with a birthday candle in it… Awesome. Towards the end of dinner, I got a call from Kailey telling me I needed to get to the meeting as soon as possible and said I really needed to do the trial, etc etc. I went to the meeting after dinner with the intent of dropping out of the trial.

When I got there, apparently someone made the decision for me, and I was not only to be a lawyer, but I was given the witnesses I hadn’t prepared for (that is, I had questions prepared for two witnesses, but I was told to craft questions for the OTHER witnesses)… And, this was at something like 10 or 11 the night before.

So I did it, we competed, it was okay. Anyway, that’s half of my birthday story. The other half took place last Friday, the 8th. Devon and I hung out and went on many adventures… I got to meet her sister’s new puppy, we went to Wal-Mart and bought Tony a birthday present, we made art… It was excellent.

My birthday was awesome. I’m especially a fan of this “dual” birthday thing. We’ll be seeing more of that in the future.


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2 Responses to The Long-Awaited Birthday Post

  1. Blackblade says:

    It’s wonderful having a birthday on the last day of classes, isn’t it.

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