So, I’ve been playing Prototype on my 360 for over a week now, and I’m enjoying it a lot. It’s a free roam “superhero” game, except the main character, Alex Mercer, isn’t much of a superhero. In fact, he wakes up without his memory and decides it’s time for revenge against the military, the infected (which include zombies and other strange creatures) and pretty much any civilian in the way.

The action is hectic and the frame rate holds steady, though the textures do suffer a bit for it. To be honest, whenever I get a free roaming game, I think back to the… Hm. SoaSE LAN (or was it Left 4 Dead?) where we played GTAIV and just drove around causing problems. In Prototype… It’s much, much more fun to cause mayhem. We’ll have to throw it into our “late night LAN” rotation.

Oh, and the adaptive parkour system isn’t getting enough credit. It’s pretty cool for just a single button press.


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