Have we really changed at all?

So, I was looking at my old entries, and I randomly selected the month of November 2005, which was a miserable month capped with Jorge leaving us forever and stuff.

But there was some good stuff.

During the month, I discuss the last of our “first-generation LANs” (there were two)… And it’s for Zero Hour.

So yeah. It’s four years later and we’re still playing that game. This makes me both happy and slightly depressed… But it’s such a good game, I can’t blame myself too much.

(Because I’ve been bringing up LANs, here’s a list of all of them… from memory.

Empire Earth (1) – March, 2005
Zero Hour (1) – Nov, 2005
[Cheshil tries and fails at organizing LANs for several years\
Company of Heroes – July(?), 2008
Sins of a Solar Empire – August(?), 2008
Left 4 Dead – Dec, 2008
Zero Hour (2) – Jan, 2009 [did this one actually happen? 😦 i can’t remember]
Zero Hour (3) – March, 2009 […right?]
Celebratory LAN (ZH 4) – May, 2009
Demigod/Zero Hour (5) – July, 2009
[Top Secret LAN] – Dec, 2009
[Potential Top Secret LAN] – Jan, 2010
Empire Earth (2) – March, 2010)


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4 Responses to Have we really changed at all?

  1. Miles says:

    I just realized that I’ve only done 3 LANs with you. Well by next year, it’ll be 4, but damn.

  2. Pontifex says:

    Dude, your mention of the first Zero Hour LAN almost made me cry for some reason. The memories…

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