The Long Overdue Company of Heroes LAN Awesome Poem… by Devon and Liana

(AKA Emo LAN Poem)

The dismal turning of the fan
Sets the mood for this dark LAN.
the moniters glow their faint, white light –
a weak defense against the night
Players focus on destruction,
Violent minds with just one function:
kill the enemy – strafing run
firebombing in “good fun.”
Call retreat! The unit’s done
Blasted to oblivion…
What has happened to our friends?
Pushed to these dark, violent ends?
Filled with such a burning hate,
only blood can satiate
their hunger for this hopeless fate
in these fires, that won’t abate.
Divided into separate teams,
their friendships fragile at the seams
Relationships are torn apart, &
all that’s left are broken hearts.
On it goes ’til one remains,
victorious hands with bloody stains
Uncaring of the soldiers’ pain
As they lie dying in the rain.
But what’s the price of victory?
With winning comes a hefty fee
Gone is the trust that bound these boys,
They played with lives like they were toys,
Never will they be the same
And all because of a harmless “game.”



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