Goin’ Back

So I’m driving back up to Jackson tomorrow. I’ll be spending the night at my cousin’s, and moving in on Sunday to the new dorms (whoo!). Apparently they’re sort of small (which makes me sad), but they seem fancy… and I like fancy.

Otherwise, it’s a bit of a mixed bag. I’m not entirely sure where summer went, but I think working made it go by too quickly. Not that work went by quickly. I guess I’m contradicting myself, but it makes sense to me. Sort of.

I’m making a pledge to post more entries over this school year, ’cause I did a poor job last year. I’m sure you all want to be kept updated on such fabulous activities:

*Taco Bell Time – 11:30PM. Every night.
*Wal-Mart – After Midnight. Almost every night.
*Speech and Debate Club – Can Cheshil keep his officership?!
*SAEC – This I’m sure you’ll actually want to tune in for. Will my club survive?
*SRMUN – Am I going back to Atlanta (side note: I nearly typed in “Atlantis” instead of Atlanta) to attempt to get a gavel?!

I’m sure you’ll see. Oh, yes, and I plan to post dorm pictures.


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