Busy Weeks

So, I finally have a little time to relax. Stuff’s been busy, but tonight I plan on eating some Chinese takeout, watching some Monk and Psych, and relaxing… before working all day tomorrow to catch up on my reading. I have two tests on the 25th (a week from now), and I don’t plan on freaking out the night before. I think the Chemistry test will be fine (even if there’s a lot of material)… It’s my Botany test that’s worrying, since I have like 12 pages of notes (front and back) that I need to learn. I’m not sure what’s even going to be on there – that’s a lot of material for a 50 minute test.

Speaking of tests, I took my first test yesterday in Cal II. It was… Eh. I know I got one wrong (I spent something like 20 or 30 minutes staring at it because I didn’t know how to do it)…. Ironically, I knew where a similar example was in my notes and looked it up as soon as I turned in my test. Such is life, though. There were only 13 questions in the 90-minute long test, which is beyond worrying. Of course, my answers were all weird, so I don’t know how I did.

PoliSci is going well enough. Last night I had to attend a speech by one of MS’s Supreme Court judges. She was interesting, if not a bit… Eh. Uber-conservative? She deferred to Scalia whenever anyone asked her opinion, and then went on a tangent about how we should practice restraint when reading the Constitution… But only sometimes (for example, not for the guarantee of counsel in the 6th amendment). I’m pretty sure you can’t have it both ways. Also, miss, gay marriage became a federal issue because of the equal protection clause in the Constitution. Check it out. Equal protection under the laws. Section five of the amendment gives Congress the power to enforce the clauses of the amendment.

So yeah. She said very little… Which is probably for the best, since she’s in an elected position where impartiality is important.

I finished off The Big Bang Theory today (well, season 2 anyway). I suggest you guys check it out if you can get by the terrible, awful, horrid pilot. The rest is pretty good.


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