Workin’ Hard

Today is dedicated to reading and possibly paper writing. I have 2.5~ chapters (more like 3 and a half, but still) to read for Botany, as well as a chapter and a half (one new chapter and pieces of two others) to read for PoliSci (oh, and two papers I haven’t read for that class, either). On top of that, I need to take a quiz online for PoliSci and then write a paper about one of the questions (but only a page, so it barely counts as a paper)… And I have a Chemistry quiz on Monday I should probably study for. If I have time (and I won’t), I might work on some cal II stuff, too.

So, for the sake of seeming efficient… Here’s a list!

1. Chapter 27 (Botany)
2. Chapter 28 (Botany)
3. Part of Ch. 18 (Botany)
4. Ch. 5 (PoliSci)
5. End of Ch. 3 (PoliSci)
6. End of Ch. 4 (PoliSci)

7. Chapter 5 Quiz (PoliSci)
8. Paper on Quiz (PoliSci)

9. PoliSci papers x 2
10. Study Chemistry
11. Read Lab Manual/Chem Quiz
12. Go to Barnes and Noble

EDIT 1: 3:26PM; Successfully read a chapter and a part. Sadly, I forgot that I have to do a Chem Quiz by Monday, so that’s now on the list. I also want to go to Barnes and Noble, so consider it added. I’m off to take a break, then probably a shower. After that, I’ll try and hit those chapter ends for PoliSci.
EDIT 2: 6:29PM; Defeated the ends of Chapters 3 and 4 for PoliSci. On the books for tonight: Chem Quiz, Barnes and Noble, some reading (probably PoliSci ch. 5)… So yeah. Doing good, I think.
EDIT 3: 9:43PM; Read the lab manual and learned that of the two labs that I could take my quiz in, one closed at 5PM and the other isn’t open on Saturdays. So yeah. Went to the book store. Got a book, a pumpkin spice latte (a bit strong on the nutmeg), and a spinach and feta pretzel. That’s probably it for my night.
EDIT 4: 9/20, 3:29PM; Gah. Chapter five took something like 2 and a half hours (it was fifty pages long). I still need to take the quiz on that, write a (thankfully short) paper, walk to take the chem quiz (should be quick), and at the very least study for my Chem quiz. I suppose the Botany reading can wait, but I also have to read Ch. 29… Gah. Hopefully I’ll have time to watch the Emmys tonight…
EDIT 5: 9/20, 4:27PM; Progress! Took the chapter five quiz (and did okay; wasn’t for a grade and some of the questions were poorly worded) and wrote my one page paper on it. Not sure how good the paper is, though… Will have to get a second opinion. Still need to go take that Chem quiz.
EDIT 6: 9/20, 6:30PM; Whoo, took that Chem quiz and didn’t do as awesome as I should’ve. Oh well. Such as life. Now to study and watch NPH… Er, the Emmys.


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