Gotcha & The State Fair

So, the Women’s Lacross team at Millsaps announced a new fundraiser last week – a game called “Gotcha.”

It’s the Assassin game. And it is terrifying.

I’ve killed one person (well, I thought it was two)… Devon killed one person… But she’s gone now.

The paranoia is baaaad. I don’t walk alone (if someone witnesses the killing, it’s invalid) any more. I watch my back at all times. So far no attacks on my life, but who knows when that’ll change.

Some professors are in the game. Most got eliminated easily, but apparently there’s at least one on a killing spree.

Last night I went to the state fair. One of my favorite parts of the year, for srs. I love love love fair food.

I ate… Chicken on a stick, fried corn on the cob, lemonade, fried oreos, and some biscuits. ‘Twas excellent.

Oh, and I’m home for fall break. Nifty, eh?


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