The holiday season is upcoming…

Games I Need:

Mass Effect 2 (pre-order acceptable)

Games I’m Interested In

Alan Wake (pre-order acceptable)
Assassin’s Creed II (but first remind me to finish the first one)

I also really want to play the new Mario & Luigi game for the DS. As well as the unplayed 2nd game in the series I own. Probably should get me a DS first, though. A lite’ll work, no need to go for the i.

Thanks guys,


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2 Responses to The holiday season is upcoming…

  1. Tony says:

    I still need to play Mass Effect One before I go for ME II. Another Bioware game I’m looking forward to that’s coming out soon is Dragon Age. It’s been in development since before I was in high school, and apparently, there will be no SecuROM on most versions.

    • cheshil says:

      Dragon Age looks good, but probably only a rental for monetary reasons… Which means it’ll be on a console… At least that means no DRM issues.

      Mass Effect is great. I rented it right before graduation and had an awesome time. Really pumped for the sequel.

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