No real reason

I’ve been getting a ton of hits for the last month or so. A ton being upwards of five a day, that is. It’s strange and I’m not sure why it’s happening. The detailed stats report nothing out of the ordinary. Consider I barely ever post, it can’t be any slight interest in my life. A mystery of the internet, I guess.

I have a Student-Faculty Panel on Digital Piracy on Wednesday. I note it as “Digital” piracy because I had someone ask me if it was about Somalia. Yeahhh. It should be exciting. Three professors and some important people are on the panel. I’m also on it, with my goal being the representation of a “pirate” view. Also, winning the panel. I don’t know how likely that is, but still.

Someone mentioned that it was really cool that I managed to organize something like this and that it was a good skill. I never really thought about it that way. The hardest part was e-mailing people out of the blue with an invitation – luckily the ‘Saps is a nice enough place so everyone replied to me… More or less.

I’ve actually never really had issues planning things… The issues I usually have come with not planning thoroughly enough. I’ve begun to feel I’m getting better at that, but we’ll see.

[picapp src=”6/7/c/4/Panthers_vs_Falcons_c249.JPG?adImageId=7558236&imageId=7055645″ width=”380″ height=”438″ /]

Panthers won on Sunday, but my Gridiron Team (read: fantasy football lite or Cheshil’s distraction for Sundays) had it’s worst week since Week 4 (that is, 6 weeks ago). Hopefully a quick rebound next week.


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