I have posted 239 (and now 240) entries since February 2008, which was when I posted my 1,000th entry to this exciting blog (back when it was hosted on LJ, at that!). At that point, I averaged about 250 entries a year.

As we approach the two year mark from that day, I’ve posted less than 250 new entries. Also, they’ve become decidedly less interesting/related to my life. I plan to fix this.

[Addendum: As I wrote this, I had an “OMGWTF” moment where I realized I’m nearing 6 years of blogging about the more-or-less unexciting parts of my life. Where has the time gone?]


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2 Responses to Huh.

  1. Liana says:

    [Where has the time gone?]

    Down the drain, obviously.

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