Changes for 2010

Or earlier.

For one, besides the whole “post more” thing, I’m going to try and talk about important things you should do, like watching Stargate. I feel like if you’re willing to read this, you should be willing to watch Stargate (and do other things based on my recommendation) – they’re probably more entertaining.

Also, from this day forward, no more “Read the rest of this entry” links. I don’t really care if you have to scroll, and you probably shouldn’t either.

Also on the books is a new layout. This one is sort of dark and gloomy, and I don’t like how the side bar is so squished and lame. A better side bar would encourage me to use it and stuff.

Also, I dislike the way comments look in this style. They seem sort of… floaty. Too large. Going to aim to get them smaller.

You people, my loyal fanbase/readership, obviously have a say in these changes. I’m going to take your expected silence as agreement with the plan.


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