The First Day(s) of School

So as you should know, my first day of class was last Monday and the last day was last Tuesday. I guess I should post some thoughts on the classes.

Firstly, at nine AM I have amazing Immunology & Virology (henceforth I&V), a class I do not have the pre-requisites for, but still plan to destroy. Seems like it’ll be some fun stuff, especially since I like viruses (which is our first topic). The teacher seemed cool enough – he gave us notes. Awesome. Even better, though, was that the notes had a little “why you should care about this topic” at the top, and mentioned a bunch of people dying of anthrax in the last few weeks, followed by “oh, wait, that’s a bacteria – who cares about that?” …I thought it was funny. Also, apparently he has almost every issue of Emerging Infectious Diseases a publication I am dying to read. Awesome.

At ten o’clock I have Zoology, which threatens to be exciting – dissections of sea stars, oysters, worms, pigs and cats. My professor is a bird specialist (which is a million times better than taking it with the spider specialist, let me tell you) and asked us all to tell a story related to zoology and introduce ourselves. I told him the story of how I was attacked by a cardinal – he diagnosed the cardinal as either protecting its territory from a challenger (the reflection), or just stupid.

To end my MWF routine (discounting labs, that is), I go to 11 o’clock Chemistry, with the same teacher as last semester, minus some of the classroom distractions, who switched professors. I left feeling like I’d learned some stuff, which is a pretty nice change from last semester where everything felt really rushed (read: classroom distractions). Should be good – also nice that the class is much smaller… Probably 15 at this point?

I also have one other class, but it’s on Tuesday at 10. It’s called Get Creative! Something Something Something, but, apparently, doesn’t involve developing creativity? Ah, I don’t know. Seems like it might, whether or not the teacher admits to it. But… I have to create a blog at Blogger. Urgh. Blogger. I have the option of posting them here, but I don’t know if I want to give the location of my blog to one of my professors. Sure, it may be a single Google search for “cheshil” away, but I feel like there’s some anonymity. So yeah, look forward to some blog posts about creativity being cross-posted here. I’m sure you’ll recognize them.

So there you have it. I’ll try and add a new post about my labs once I’ve actually had them – and make sure I keep this thing updated.


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One Response to The First Day(s) of School

  1. Devon says:

    To make the whole “we don’t develop creativity in this class” thing even weirder, the full name of the course is: Get Creative! Developing Creativity

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