Re: Homework

I have Chemistry homework, Chemistry lab reading (and then a quiz when I make it back to the ‘Saps), something like 4 blog entries before Thursday (or Friday), and two proposals by Tuesday. I also have a Zoology Lab test on Thursday, and a Zoo lecture test sometime next week.

The Chemistry homework ended up being due today; I got some done on Sunday, though, so it helped the load last night. The lab reading and quiz went well enough, and I’ve written 3 of the four blog entries. Apparently the due date has been pushed back to Tuesday of next week, so I can write and post the last one at my leisure. Studying for my Zoo lab practical = 5 or so hours today, and now I’m tired… But probably prepared. My Zoo lecture test is on Monday.

I have to work on my selection sheets for the Stylus (a student publication), write that last blog entry, read some more Chem Lab/take a quiz, and probably something else, but generally it’s a lot less. So that’s good.


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