Mass Effect 2: Final Thoughts

I beat Mass Effect 2 today. Major spoilers ahead and what not, but I imagine you’ve already beaten it.

Things I did:

*Slept with Tali. Miranda was too good looking to be safe. Plus, Tali owed me for keeping her father’s legacy in the clear and keeping her from being exiled.
*Disappointed by the Suicide Mission… Or, at least, the missions in general. They were all so short. I feel like they could have cut the number of missions and made them longer – it felt more like levels in an FPS than missions in an RPG. Compounded when I finished the suicide mission in ~40 minutes.
*Speaking of that, poor Zaeed. He led my second team and took a bullet to the chest. Otherwise, no casualties.
*I left the Collectors’ base intact. C’mon, the tech in there is probably awesome. Plus, you can’t tell me for all of their bite the Collectors only have one ship.
*Got a bunch of renegade points for the above, but I was pretty much super Paragon.
*I also destroyed the Heretics’ base. I couldn’t accept brainwashing sentients, but killing them is fair because, you know, they deserve it. Legion is awesome by the way.
*Speaking of Legion, I was disappointed in his use. I got him at the very end… And thus he wasn’t very involved. It seemed, to me, like he had a bigger part. Maybe it was cut down.
*Oh yeah, my crew survived.
*Ending was meh. Didn’t feel like we learned as much like we did in the original – though the characters were developed a lot more.
*At the same time, bring on the Reaper fleet. I’ll show ’em who’s boss.

How long until Mass Effect 3?


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9 Responses to Mass Effect 2: Final Thoughts

  1. Peterson says:

    There are videos on Youtube of people who have hacked the game to get Legion earlier; apparently, he has recorded dialogue for many of the earlier scenes.

    I will say, I was pretty surprised to realize that Harbinger was a Reaper, and not just the Collector General. Maybe that’s just because I played through it so quickly the first time.

  2. Liana says:

    (“Plus, Tali owed me”)

    oh no you did *not* just say that a girl owed you sex

    anyway, moving on

    I personally think leaving the Collector base intact is a bad, bad move. Remember the last time Cerberus tried to study Reaper tech?

    I’m also actually rather confused that rewriting the heretic geth is considered a paragon move. You *are* brainwashing sentients. How is that possibly a good thing? I went with it because I knew I would need all the allies I could get in the upcoming war against the Reapers, not because I thought it was the morally correct thing to do. Wow, value dissonance there, Bioware.

    • cheshil says:

      Well, she owed me the time of day, for sure. The rest was all her, in a completely awkward sort of way.

      As for the base, I think we need every advantage we can get. I mean, sure, even Legion said we should evolve our own way, but I take keeping the base as a tool of research. If we know how to make something, we know how to break it. I don’t actually think we should retrofit their technology or anything.

      Then again, I have no idea how that choice will play out in ME3. I’m getting the feeling it’s not going to go the way I want it to, but luckily I’ll make it work out. I’m too cool to not.

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