More “Final” Thoughts

On further review, I guess the shortness of missions is counteracted by the number of them required to finish the game. I did very few sidequests (saving them for post-game), and it still took me something like 34 or 35 hours to beat ME2. Maybe it was the lame summary screens after each mission. Honestly, I think those were unnecessary.

As for the save the base stuff, I’ll defend it thusly – understanding what’s in the base gives us more understanding than letting go of all of the information. Whether or not that’s how it’s going to be used in ME3 (and based on The Illusive Man’s interest in it, I doubt it will be), that was my rationale. I don’t think it’s evolving on the path the Reapers set out as implied by Legion, but learning about them so we can stop them.

Also, you guys didn’t tell me who died on your first playthrough of the game. So do that, huh?


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3 Responses to More “Final” Thoughts

  1. Peterson says:

    On my first playthrough: Legion, Thane, Jack, and Zaeed died. I kept everyone alive on the playthroughs after that.

    As for the Reaper base: If you had the option to give it to the Council or the Alliance, I would have considered it (dismiss these claims, you Turian son of a bitch.) However, giving it to the Illusive man feels giving Stalin nuclear weapons to use against the Nazis. Yeah, they’re on our side now, but I had no doubts that Cerberus will try to take over once the Reapers are dealt with. Additionally, the risk of the Reaper tech compromising the scientists examining it is too great. Also, that fucking base needed to BURN.

      • Peterson says:

        Bad planning. Jack and Legion were unloyal, and I made them specialists. Legion died after the ducts; Jack couldn’t hold the field, and Zaeed was carried off by the bugs. I put Thane in charge of the second squad, and he died. I brought Grunt with me on the final battle, so Jack died holding the line (she was the only unloyal companion left).

        I replayed the suicide mission after figuring it out, and I kept everyone alive.

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