Alone in the Dark

Tony sent me a link to Yahtzee discussing Alone in the Dark at The Escapist, and after a read, I find that I agree with most of the points.

Alone in the Dark (2008) is, as I’ve called it, possibly the worst game ever made. Everything was ridiculous, especially the terrible voice acting and writing. I’m quite certain of this, in fact, as I sat through the entire game while a friend played it. Yet, thinking back to it, I can only think of good ideas – we had to figure out puzzles with logic, no “helpful hints” or objects that obviously needed to be used (in general). Item management that resulted in interesting (and surprising combos), and an atmosphere that could have been great.

But what failed? Puzzles solved by logic work better when the logic is clear, a lack of helpful hints make the aforementioned puzzles and their crazy logic even harder. Item management? Great, until you realize you don’t have the requisite fire to kill the bad dudes; and an atmosphere driven with no clear goal (“Quick, climb up the burning building!” and “Burn the roots of evil – all of them!”), resulting in one of the worst endings ever. And, after that ending, you reload the game and try the other ending, only to realize it also sucks.

So yeah. It’s a game I’d like to pick up and playthrough myself, though I can’t say I’ll have the patience to put up with that. Maybe with an audience?


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2 Responses to Alone in the Dark

  1. Tony says:

    So, which do you think is worse: the game, or the movie?

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