Cheshil’s otY and otD awards (2009)

(note: I totally started writing this on 12/31/09, but was waiting to decide movie/game of the year. Consider it done.)

That is, of the year and of the decade. Categories include television, video games, and whatever else it is that I think can think of.

Television Show
of the year: I’m going to go ahead and assume this is “new” tv show of the year, because that makes my life easier. Without a doubt, I’m going to go with Glee. Excellent writing, funny, witty, both comedic and dramatic… An excellent series, and one well worthy this list.

of the decade: Screw the rules, the answer to this show is Stargate SG-1. I don’t care if it premiered in ’97, it showed something like 150 episodes during the 00s (is that what we’re calling this decade?), and they were pretty much all awesome. If you really force me to choose, I’m going to have to go with Veronica Mars. Sorry, Atlantis but it’s number two for you.

Video Game
of the year: This is a toughie. Considering I haven’t played even half of the big releases, I can only offer you my opinion from the few games I’ve played… And since I haven’t even played all of the games I’ve received this year… I’ll defer for now. Remind me to update this… Consider it updated on 3/20/10, not that I’ve actually published this yet. It’s Assassin’s Creed II, not that I’ve finished it. I want to play it more than Dragon Age, so it wins.

of the decade: This isn’t so hard. I’d say Half-Life 2 wins with a landslide. Good gameplay, a strong story, crowbars, directly leading us to Portal… A great game. Honorable mention to Zero Hour, which was my most-played and most enjoyed RTS of the decade.

of the year: I’m going to go with District 9. For everything Avatar was technically, effects don’t make a movie. The characters, comedy, and surprisingly original of D9 gives it the win in a surprisingly strong year for Sci-Fi.

of the decade: In the drama category, I give the award happily to Children of Men, which was equal parts Clive Owen/action (they’re synonyms, right?) and drama, and slight sci-fi twist. For the comedy category, I’ll call it a tie between Bolt, animated year of the decade, and Hot Fuzz, live action (or, livation, as I just typed) comedy of the decade.

So there you have it – my opinions, written out for you. Enjoy them.


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2 Responses to Cheshil’s otY and otD awards (2009)

  1. Tony says:

    I’d have to give the video game award to Dragon Age; then again, I haven’t played AssCreed2, and I probably won’t. As for the best in the decade, well: I still consider Baldur’s Gate 2 (came out in 2000 or 2001) to be the best game of all time, so I’m sticking to it.

    D9 was a really good film, although I was also a real fan of the new Star Trek movie. Also, I would have to place the Lord of the Rings trilogy as the best in the decade, hands down.

    I’m not watching any new TV shows this year, but I have to agree that SG-1 takes the decade award. Especially because the later seasons tended to be better than the first two.

  2. Kiliman says:

    I’m looking forward to getting more information about this topic, don’t worry about negative opinions.

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