Back in School

This week, so far, as been interesting. My first class back, at 9AM on Monday, was a test. I think I did pretty well, considering I had almost zero motivation to do anything. It was in I&V. I missed two days of class between the last test and this one, and of course material from those days made up ~20-30% of the test, so we’ll see how that goes.

Monday evening involved the Senate meeting in which I finally received a budget for the new Trouble in Paradise – $300, which is, as you more than likely know, a TON more than we had originally.

Yesterday (Wednesday) we had casting for the new TiP and we selected a Greg and a Chloe; I’ve selected a Maggie but haven’t yet announced it. Kevin is still in the air – as he was during the original show, too. Hm.

This weekend is Major Madness, a celebration sort of explained by the fact that, as a D3 team, we cannot qualify for March Madness. To make up for it, we have a crawfish boil, bands, and a comedian, among other things. Should be really fun.

I suppose things have been going pretty well. Today had a bit of a blast from the past – fetal pig dissection!


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