Workin’ on the Blog

So, I just spent a ~20 minutes attempting to reorganize my blog just a bit. One of the most important things I lost when I migrated from LiveJournal, second to old comments, was my carefully maintained and tagged entries. I literally went through and tagged everything after LJ announced the tagging feature, and I’ve yet to go back through and do it. However, I’m beginning to do that. It probably won’t be finished (at least not for a while), but I’ve started.

If you look to the top of the page, my categories are listed as links. Click ’em and check it out. You’ll notice that “Life” has sub-categories of “Gaming” and “Television.” TV is further subdivided into “Stargate,” because you know I need that. It’s not complete, but I’m working on it.

As for tags, well, you can see them listed under each entry… But clicking them brings you to the page for that exact tag on all of WordPress, which is annoying (we’ll get to this later). However, under the search bar, you can click the “+” button and see my tags – clicking them there will show the results for my blog alone.

Anyway, yeah, that tag-linking thing is really, really annoying. But you know what’s worse? The fact that these entries only publish with a date – no time stamp! My entries are publicized on Twitter, which has a full time stamp, but still. I need my time stamp. So that’s two strikes against an otherwise awesome theme. I may be switching again in the near-future (read: tonight), completely outdating all of the directions (“at the top”) in this entry. Oh well.


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