Finals Week…

I thought now was as good a time as any to update – sure, I have an exam at 9 tomorrow (less than 7 hours from now), and I plan to get up early to study, but still.

My birthday was really great. My friends got me a gavel. Yes. A GAVEL. Completely awesome.

I also ate at Sal & Mookie’s, a local Italian place, with Devon and enjoyed a delicious banana split. Afterward, we met some friends and saw Date Night, which was really funny.

As for exam week… Meh. Super meh. I had a Zoology test on Tuesday, and I think I destroyed it. My I&V test tomorrow… Well, hopefully I can do the same. And then repeat a final time on my year-long cumulative Chem final.

Here’s to summer, just a few short days away!


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