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Here’s an editorial I saw linked at GateWorld (my Stargate fansite of choice), and I think it’s an excellent piece that sums up some of my feelings about Stargate fandom. I’ve commented about it here more than once, and I wrote a paper about it for my Core 1 class, so I won’t rehash my opinion.

What I will say is that I’ve visited the site mentioned in the editorial it is one of the few times I’ve very seriously considered my personal choice to never be a troll. The site is disgusting, and I wish someone could take it down.

But it’s also interesting. For a site dedicated to hating a TV show, and obsessed with getting it canceled (I presume because the show killed their child; why else would you want to get rid of something that has no impact on your life?), they still make it a point to watch every episode. And write a nice ~1.5 page summary of the episode. In fact, the one I checked out wasn’t all that negative (it was about 60-40, really, with most of the negative statements along the lines of “It was entertaining. Now, I don’t mean entertaining like ‘good,’ but, uh, like, um, not good.”).

Why would you watch something you hate? Just to make fun of it? For who, a bunch of link-minded people? How is that fun? As the administrator of a forum full of like-minded people (read:, I must say that it’s pretty… Boring. If they get their jollies from it, though, I guess it’s good they’ve found something they like: hating SGU.

Another positive of the show: it brings people together.


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