Today at Work

A little slice of my life.

Today at Work, I:

*Typed ~20 boxes of charts into a spreadsheet
*Took at least 5 bathroom breaks and 3 water breaks
*Arrived 10 minutes early and left five minutes early
*Watched a 2-hour long History Channel Special on Comics
*Took a 65 minute lunch
*Sat alone
*Watched the Fresh Prince, Home Improvement, and Just Shoot Me
*Got a grimy feeling that can only be described as “gross” on my fingers from the charts
*Failed the wash the above feeling off of my hands. Repeatedly.
*Watched the last 30 minutes of the Comics special for a second time
*Got some sort of paper cut from my charts
*Watched ~105 minutes of Trading Spouses
*Watched as my 3 colleague student workers left over 90 minutes before me

So, yeah, normal day at the office.


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College Student
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