Alan Wake Quick Impressions

Only through episode 1, but I figured you guys might be interested in my opinions anyway.


The LCE Case – My “limited collector’s edition” is really pretty, and looks like a book. Sweet.
The Gameplay – It’s very interesting, and a bit challenging, though that’s partially control issues (see below).
Night Springs – I’ve already seen one episode of “Night Springs” the in-game Twilight Zone-esque TV show, and it’s awesome.
COLLECT THE THERMOS – The flashlight in the game projects outwards with a beam. There are several times this beam has crossed over a collectible thermos. I’ve jumped off of many things to get a thermos.
Cinematic – I have my gripes with the dodging, but man is it cool to see the camera angle change and the action go into slow-mo when you pull off a good dodge.


Controls – The left bumper to run? And also to dodge? Bah, I don’t like it. Partially because I’m used to Mass Effect 2‘s run tied to A-button, but also because the LB is a strange choice. Also, Alan needs to work about, but that’s funny rather than bad.
The Atmosphere – It scares me. Which is a good thing, I guess, but I like to play my games at night sometimes and I don’t think I’ll be doing that with this one. <.<
Auto-Aim – Flashlight auto-locks onto targets. I started with hard difficulty for a reason. I don’t like the game treating me like a baby (though I died enough in the first real encounter to be counted as one).


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3 Responses to Alan Wake Quick Impressions

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  2. Devon Morris says:

    I don’t think you’ve jumped off many things as much as jumped off one thing many times. 😉 haha

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