A Review: Leverage seasons 1 & 2

Leverage is an hour-long drama/comedy that airs on TNT(?), with a modern day “Robin Hood” premise – a team of thieves who steal from the rich and give to the people they’ve wronged. I spent a good two weeks watching each episode of the show.

But should you check it out?

Premise – It’s a show about heists. Do you really need something else?
Variety – It’s a show about heists. And, yet, every episode is interesting and different – even those in similar situations. Not an easy task.
It’s a comedy? – I wasn’t aware, going in. But it is, and it’s an excellent one, too. Aldis Hodge’s character, Hardison, is usually the source of the comedy (Age of the geek!), but Beth Reisgraf’s Parker has subtle moments throughout the series that hit for the biggest laughs.
Speaking of the Thief – Parker is strongest character in the series, easily.
To Be Continued – Two seasons, two two-parters. They’re some of the best highlights of the series, and play as some of the strongest episodes.
Growth – The characters grow, slowly, as we’ll discuss below… But they grow, and it’s noticeable. Parker is a, yet again, a standout.
Sterling – Like the machine gun, not the engine.
Let’s Steal a Catchphrase! – You can tell a show from it’s catchphrase? It’s a very distinct catchphrase.

Formulaic – Each premise is different, and every episode is interesting… But that doesn’t mean you don’t know how it’s going to go, from the exposition, to the hook, to the con, the complication, and the reveal… And the last 3 or so minutes of character building. It’s a good formula, but it’s still a formula.
Are We There Yet? – The overarching plot takes it’s time – all season. They’re a slow burn, and it’s sort of annoying.
The Intro – The second season introduced a title sequence, which is dumb. It feels generic and sort of awkward. Pass.
Terrible CGI – Not unsurprising, but still.

Odds & Ends
The Pilot – It’s alright. Slow at points. Passable, but not great. Not terrible, though, which is always good. It’s longer than the other episodes and establishes the characters well enough.
Short Seasons – Doesn’t do the show justice, sadly. More episodes, plz.
TNT – I was right.

Standout episodes: The Homecoming Job, The Bank Shot Job, The First/Second David Job, The Three Days of the Hunter Job, and The Two Live Crew Job.

So yeah. Watch it. Laugh. Enjoy.


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One Response to A Review: Leverage seasons 1 & 2

  1. Peterson says:

    Seriously? You had me at “It’s a very distinct catchphrase.”

    I must say, the show is great. I’m looking forward to the season 3 premiere in less than 3 weeks. I’m really a fan of the banter between Elliot, Hardison, and Parker.

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