Nintendo’s E3 Press Conference

As with yesterday, I’ll be reading a liveblog of the event at Ars Technica. Should be an exciting conference, with the 3DS to be on display. Odds are high that the new Legend of Zelda game will be shown, to large fanfare. I’m also curious about that vitality sensor thing. I will be pleased if they show it with an actual game and not some sort of exercise/relaxation sort of casual game. Bonus points if it’s used in a horror game, ’cause that would be awesome (and terrifying).

Not sure what else to expect besides the usual video mashup of games to come. Possibly an appearance of Kirby Wii? …No, but I can wish! Star Fox Wii is also due, though that seems to be some sort of pipe dream. Pikmin 3 has been “announced” for a couple of years now, so that’s always possible. Rumors point to a Retro-developed Donkey Kong Wii, too, but I really hope that’s not the big reveal. Donkey Kong bores me.

Oh, and Metroid: Other M. I should really play the Prime trilogy one of these days, I think. Maybe I’d appreciate Metroid more.


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