Wow, it’s been a year since I staked my support in OnLive, or, at the very least, in the idea it represents and the goal they have. So, they’ve recently launched (or will be soon). Will it be a success?

Tune in. I just got an e-mail, and my “application” to be a “founding member” was accepted – meaning 1 free year of service. Which is awesome. Of course, it’s also a bit misleading. According to my e-mail, “your access to the Service will include free demos and community features, such as member Profiles, Friending, Chat, Spectating and Brag Clip videos, but will not include any games, content or other services that are offered for purchase, and which must be purchased separately.”

Which makes sense. Depending on how the licensing works (that is, if I get to keep my games on the chance I leave the service after a year), I may try some games and report in. Either way, tune in for my opinions in the near future.


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