Emmy Nominations

Psych got nominated for music composition for “Mr. Yin Presents”, both HIMYM and Monk got nominated for original music and lyrics (Girls vs. Suits and the series finale)… NPH got a supporting actor nod (and a guest actor nod for Bryan Ryan in Glee!), as did 3 people from Modern Family… But not Abed from Community, which is a shame.

And two nominations for SGU! In visual effects, of course, but it’s a double nomination, meaning they’re twice as likely to win – and it should be no contest. They’re for “Air” and “Space.” There’s no doubt in my mind that “Air” deserves the win, ’cause those effects were feature quality.

Conan got some nominations for his Tonight Show, and rightfully Leno didn’t.

Overall, not bad. Disappointed by the lack of nominations for Community, which deserves several, but at least Modern Family and Glee got, well, a lot.


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One Response to Emmy Nominations

  1. Peterson says:

    I think Chuck’s stunt coordinator got nominated.

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