Assassin’s Creed, Alan Wake, and Cell Phones

I beat Assassin’s Creed II just over a week ago. Great, great game. I’m still playing it, though… Today I sync’d with the last of the 66 viewpoints, and I’m currently 6-7 pieces of “The Truth” away from, well, figuring out the truth. Two more messages I’ve uncoded:

TEMPLARTEXTSADAPTEDDDBYMR.SMITH (Morse code following paintings/images related to Cain & Satan and the name Cain took, (master) Mahan – whatever that means)
30 May, 1431 (the day Joan of Arc was executed, which makes sense, as it was hidden on a painting of her)

So, I’ll be working on The Truth some more. And maybe finding those annoying eagle feathers.

In other news, the first piece of Alan Wake DLC came out today – The Signal. I’ve redeemed by code to get it for free and I’ve downloaded it, but I need to decide when I’ll play it. Probably tomorrow evening. I’m looking forward to it – I’ve heard it’s about the same length as any other episode (which makes sense), and is harder than the normal game. Should be fun.

And, finally… Cell phones. As of the last week or so, my phone has taken up a nasty habit – only ringing when it feels like it. So, I’ve missed many calls, and I have text messages dropping hours late. Sprint seems to think it may be a cell tower issue. I can hope, as that may be resolved in the near future. I think it’s a sign, though. I need a new cell phone…


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