I am preparing for my rapidly-approaching return to Millsaps (less than two weeks!) by procrastinating. Sure, I should be asleep – but why not put it off? Not only am I preparing for the inevitable loss of sleep once school starts, but also working on coming up with things to do instead of what I should be doing. Win-win.

Anyway, LAN party tomorrow. It’s going to be awesome, as always. We already have some diabolical plans ready to win the match, though I’ve learned that the most well-thought out plans are the ones that fail most spectacularly, especially at LANs… Well, except stealth Comanches. Those never fail.
Stealth Comanches: 100% Successful (Against Francisco)

In other super exciting news, Jorge is flying in for the LAN, and I will be picking him up tomorrow. So, yes, this LAN party is going to be even more awesome than usual.

Oh! Capitol Steps has a show in Meridian this October. Assuming it’s well-priced, I have every intention of going. Much fun will be had.

Okay. Enough procrastination. Time to sleep.



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