Entertaining Spam Comments

Date: July 20th & July 25th

Topic: …Enlargement.

Posted on: Oh, by the way…

Text, edited: HELP! I’m currently being held prisoner by the Russian mafia [link] and being forced to post spam comments on blogs! If you don’t approve this they will kill me. [link] They’re coming back now. Please send help!

Thoughts: Honestly, I sorta want to help this person, even though they’re fake.

Date: August 15th

Topic: Computer Monitoring Software

Posted on: The Great Board Game Project

Text, edited: In today’s creation of high technology divers people spend their days at the computer. This article features tips and hints in search computer monitoring software programs and the ideals issues with using this typeface of product.
There are diverse reasons to consider computer monitoring software. The foremost and first is to monitor your children to make sure they are non-poisonous when online and to limit access to unsavoury websites.
A second reason is to respect your spouse when you believe them of cheating. Another drink would be to watch or limit website access to employees who should be working and not using the internet in the service of personal use. In withal there are varied other possibilities such as monitoring criminal vocation or simply restricting decided websites.

If you opt for that computer monitoring software is in place of you be unswerving to analyze the innumerable products within reach on the market to discover the complete that is most talented tailored to your needs.
The products on different near access and text hold back so be sure to do your homework.
Welcome’s swallow a look at how the software works.

Computer monitoring software last will and testament secretly duty on a computer (including laptops) in the history without any touch of the software in the system registry. It last will and testament not surface in the method tray, the method catalogue, the task boss, desktop, or in the Add/Remove programs. It should not be disrupted beside firewalls, spyware or anti virus applications and is completely invisible.
The lone using the computer drive not know fro the software and will smoke the computer as they normally would. Unbroken hitting the famed control, alternate, rub buttons resolution not display or an end the software.

So how exactly does the software work?

The software wishes record websites visited, keystrokes typed, IM (overnight statement) chats, email sent and received including webmail, chats, applications hardened, Say and Outdo documents and even peculate qualify shots.
The computer monitoring software commitment leave to you quickly terminate if your neonate is secure or your spouse is cheating. It will also agree to you to barrier websites or software on the monitored computer.
The software at one’s desire obstruction you every comprehensively of the computer use.
Accessing the recorded data liking differ with the types of computer monitoring software. Varied programs purpose email you the recorded evidence in a texture of a text file. Some press for you to access the computer promptly to landscape the data. The best will concede you to access the data online from any computer with a user login. This is the recommended method.
So modern that you take stony on using computer monitoring software you are undoubtedly wondering if it is legal. In most cases the plea is yes notwithstanding this depends on the shape or surroundings you contemporary in. When monitoring employees it is recommended to enquire about with splendour laws or union agreements.
Of direction using the software may also be a moral dilemma. Should I agent on my children, spouse, or employees? In today’s technological period a teenager can be victimized at abode without evening intersection the offender. The unsleeping nights could end in you decisively get effectively your spouse is not cheating. Or perchance you in the long run arrange brace that they are. You can stop employees from visiting incompatible websites at function nigh blocking access to them.
To conclude there are various legitimate reasons to manoeuvre computer monitoring software. This is a valuable implement after tons and can eschew to conserve your children, coupling, or business. It is up to you to conclude if it is morally acceptable.

Thoughts: WALL OF TEXT!!!!11111

Date: August 16th

Topic: Anti-Virus (?)

Posted on: Summer Winds Down

Text, edited: I bet you wish george bush was still president now

Thoughts: …No, not really.

Soooooo. Yeah.


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6 Responses to Entertaining Spam Comments

  1. Andrew says:

    Love the archaic spelling “divers.” Too bad it’s a typo.

    Also, this looks like the stuff I churn out when I freelance (though not nearly as well-written, if I say so myself). Now I’m really hoping that my anonymous clients don’t take my articles & post them as comments on unsuspecting college students’ blogs.

  2. Devon Morris says:

    Dude, if my neonate is online, I couldn’t care less whether they’re being “non-poisonous” – they obviously know better than I do!

    But, hey, who knows? In today’s technological period perhaps even a genius neonate can be victimized at abode without evening intersection the offender. It is up to you to conclude if it is morally acceptable.

  3. Liana says:

    I almost feel bad for that first spambot.

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