The First Few Days of Classes

They weren’t horrible!

On my first day, back on Tuesday, I had 9AM Organic Chemistry. While I’m sure I’ll grow to resent the class, so far it hasn’t been so bad. Dr. Toyota is awesome, and we’re currently learning functional groups and naming conventions, which are relatively easy. So, for now, I’m liking it.

I also had Molecular Cell Biology on Tuesday. Another class that looks promising, though my professor’s use of the Socratic method is terrifying. We’re going to be learning a lot of cool stuff, I think, but right now I need to learn the chemical structure of all of the amino acids, so I’m not overly pleased. Also, half the class has already taken Organic, while the rest of us have just started. As we attempt to understand the chemical diagrams, they get it quickly. It’s no fun.

On Wednesday, I went to my first class of Calculus-based General Physics. The professor is awesome (name = Shadow). But then he mentioned we’ll end next semester doing math that is above Cal 3 (and I’ve only taken Cal 2), so I grabbed my add/drop form and proceeded to change my schedule…

Which leads to yesterday, Friday, in which I went to my first class of the newly-opened second section of Algebra-based College Physics, which is recommended for us pre-health people. My professor in there is also pretty cool (but not named Shadow). Hopefully the algebra will treat me nicely.

Also, yesterday I had my first stint doing research in the lab. It wasn’t anything too fancy (and I doubt it ever will be), but we made minimal media (agar plates), and we also did isolation streaks of certain strands of the fungi that we’re studying. It’s all about genetics and stuff – I promise to explain more once I’ve parsed exactly what it is we’re doing.

So, overall, I’m kinding of liking my schedule… Difficult be damned! But, some extra thoughts for you:

*There are waaaaay too many people in each of my classes. Molecular Cell has around 40, Physics is at 20 (though General was at 30-ish when I dropped it), and Organic probably has around 20. Ridiculous.
*The ever-wonderful Charles Hall is still wonderful. Last night we made pizza (specifically, avocado pizza) and watched Kick-Ass, because I bought it (because it’s awesome).
*However, there may be an infiltrator of the secret society on our hall. Also, the secret society is watching me – which is terrifying and also evil.
*Working on the paper is nice. I’ve actually volunteered to write something, too!


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One Response to The First Few Days of Classes

  1. Peterson says:

    “Oh, no, I’ve got forty people in my class, whatever shall I do?”

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