Organic Lab

Today was my first day of Organic Chemistry Lab! It started off super exciting, with a syllabus discussion. Then, we went into the lab, went over where the fire extinguishers and so on were, then had to draw them on a map as a “quiz.” I’m sort of hoping it’s worth some points, because free points are always nice. Anyway, after that we had to check into our benches/cabinets and I found that the previous occupier of mine hoarded test tubes (s/he had over 10 more than necessary). It took a while for us to get everything we needed, as there were two people to help all 20 or so of us. After that, we did a not-for-a-grade Gen. Chem review/diagnostic thing that was seriously 40 questions wrong. Mine told me that I’m horrible at kinetics (oh noes!), not bad at organic chem (what?), okay at acid-base relations (*gasp*), and good enough at everything else on the review. It was less than exciting.

The rest of my day has been less interesting, though I did do an Organic worksheet. I just got back from doing layout on the paper and now I’m going to take a short break before returning to reading my Molecular Cell Bio book.


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