Molecular Cell Test & More

Last Tuesday I had a Molecular Cell test. I studied a good bit and felt relatively prepared and managed to do horrible. Via averages and stuff it’ll all balance out, but it was horrible and lame. Especially annoying? I threw three points away by circling the wrong letter on my answer sheet. Laaame.

So yeah. That’s the biggest thing to happen to me recently. Other things haven’t been, well, much. I went home over the weekend and it went by too quickly. Saw Francisco, though, which was fun. We’re sort of boring, though.

Also, I finished Boston Legal last night. A fitting end, to say the least. Do you remember the poll I put up over the summer? It won. So I watched it. I may put up another poll to determine my next show. Maybe. But first, suggestions. Do you have them? If you do, post them.

I am going to a birthday party this weekend and I plan to dress up as a member of The Aquabats. Expect pictures. DEMAND pictures.

I think that’s it. I’m going to post more, promise.


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One Response to Molecular Cell Test & More

  1. Peterson says:

    When a certain topic was suggested in part one of the finale, my first thought was, “Shit. End of the series, and it just jumped the shark.” And then Alan said “We can jump a shark!” and suddenly the shark became un-jumped.

    On a related note: Farscape. Farscape. Farscape.

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