The Wonderful Month of October, and Other Things

I like October. Maybe it’s because I like the Autumn, or just because it reminds me of Halloween. I don’t know, but I must say that it makes me happy to put “10-xx-10” on my notes and assignments. I also enjoy November, but it’s hard to defeat December and the feeling of impending Christmas. Maybe that’s why I like October – it’s the first in a series of months that make me happy for one reason (holidays) or another (the weather). OH. And the State Fair is this month! I ❤ the fair x 1000.

Of course, September ended terribly, which may make October look that much better. I had a Physics test on the 30th and it was absolutely awful. I don't think it's going to turn out well, but I'll make sure to update with the grade.

Did I mention my Organic test grade from a week or so back? Got an 88.5, good enough to defeat the class average (though not really meet my goals). I'm pleased with it, as far as circumstances go.

Anyway, I have two more tests this week (tomorrow: Organic Lab; Tuesday: Molecular Cell), but it's finally a bit less hectic after that. We also don't have class on Thursday until one because of the Inauguration of our new president (an event I will be attending). This is awesome for potentially two reasons. The first: no class on Thursday! I have no classes at or after one, so it's a day off. Also, potentially the fair opens on Wednesday evening, meaning I can go without issue. Awesome.

I guess that's a bit of what's going on. Here's to a good month!

EDIT: Also, I am becoming sick. Meh.


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7 Responses to The Wonderful Month of October, and Other Things

  1. John says:

    I can’t really share the 10-xx-10 thing since I write my dates as DD-Month-YYYY. I only do the MM/DD/YYYY when asked for.

  2. Celeste says:

    October is my favorite month, except when the weather doesn’t cooperate and it’s 90 degrees until Christmas. Today the high is supposed to be 67, though! I’m decked out in flannel and thoroughly enjoying the chill.
    Another weird congruency between Furman and Millsaps: we have a new president this year, too. From all reports, though, our new president is an asshole. I hope yours is better!
    Good luck on your tests, good luck beating the sicky, and good luck not having a heart attack from state fair food. =)

    • cheshil says:

      Hm, 67 might still be a bit too warm. Needs to drop below 64 at least. Also, our new president seems nice enough – I’ve met him a couple of times and haven’t been disappointed. Then again, you can never be sure.

      Thanks for all of the luck! The tests are doable, the sickness is unbeatable, and I hope to avoid the (sadly inevitable) heart attack.

    • Devon Morris says:

      Haha, remember the fattest bird ever we found after Core 1 that chilly morning freshman year? I still can’t get over how adorably miserable he looked.

  3. Christopher says:

    Gah. It’s already getting cold up here. The thing I hate about early October is the midterms. I have exams in every single one of my classes next week. It is not going to be fun.

    • cheshil says:

      It’s surprisingly chilly here – mornings are in the mid-50s, which came out of the blue. As for mid-terms, I think I managed to have most/all of mine in the last week and a half (Physics, Molecular Cell, Organic Lab) rather than next week when everyone else has them.

      It’s good in the long run, but until then I’ll be miserable.

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