Is it that time of the semester?

‘Cause I thought it was that time of the semester two weeks ago.

I have three tests this week: Tuesday (Molecular Cell Bio), Wednesday (Organic), and Thursday (Physics). I need to do well on all of them, which is no different than usual, but I still think should be mentioned. I’m studying. Some of our Molecular Cell stuff is on neurotransmitters, and I happened upon this site, which is from a faculty member at the University of Washington who, apparently, isn’t exactly aware of what level kids can read at. Still, though, I’m finding it sorta useful.

I suppose I’ll see you guys on Thursday, once I’m free of the shackles of testing. Hopefully. Presumably I’ll spend the entire weekend playing games and/or sleeping. Also, halloween.

How are things going for you? Good?


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One Response to Is it that time of the semester?

  1. Christopher says:

    Maybe they’re really smart kids. Or maybe the professor is really old, and by “kids,” he means grad students.

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