Cheshil’s (b)log, End-ish Nov. 2010

Thanksgiving was pretty much a success. I got a bunch of sleep, and overall it was pretty relaxing. I didn’t get much work done, which is about what I expected (but also really disappointing). I only got about 2 hours of gaming in, and all of it was last night. I installed Left 4 Dead 2 and Supreme Commander 2, but not without having to move a bunch of files off onto an external hard drive. Then, I ended up cleaning up my laptop’s drive, which resulted in moving other files and moving some of the originally moved files back. After all of that (took about 1.5 days, on and off), SupCom 2 was having graphical errors. Not able to fix it myself and unable to find a solution, I tried uninstalling it and redownloading it – another half day. That didn’t work. So, I signed up for the Steam forums to post in the board, but my account wasn’t verified by them until this morning. I posted the message and someone who had the same problem fixed it (solution: turn every single graphical option to the highest possible option) and I had a chance to play, but instead “studied” and watched football. I’m hoping to play a little tomorrow before I start studying for some tests, though Thursday is probably more realistic of a day I’ll get to play.

This week, I have four tests: one tomorrow (organic lab), two Wednesday (physics lab and organic), and one on Thursday (molecular cell). Following that is finals week. I’m not excited, though it does at least have fewer tests than this week (comprehensive tests. ugh). I have two (molecular cell and organic) on Tuesday, and one on Friday afternoon (physics). After that, I’m finally, finally, FINALLY free for what has probably been the worst semester I’ve ever had. I’m really hoping next semester will be better.

As for break, well, I have awesome plans. I’m going to a Panthers gave the Saturday after I get home, and the Thursday evening following that is the Tron premiere. Also, LAN party!

So, yeah, I’m attempting to stay motivated. I don’t know how long I’ll last – hopefully through this week, after which I’ll have a couple of days to rejuvenate before finals.

Oh, and I think this year I’ll post a winter version of my annual summer goals. That should be fun.


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