WordPress Snow!

I’ve been studying for tests, as usual, lately (when I look back at this in the future, I’m going to kick myself for not writing about anything else I’ve done – little will I remember that tests were pretty much it) and I’ve noticed that I have begun to treat my bed as a “safe haven” of sorts. No matter the stress, the worry, and all of the things I think about, when I go to sleep I ignore it and enjoy. This is both reassuring and comforting, as I have somewhere to go and be stress free, but also sounds a bit like I’m developing a dependence on my bed. Hm. It can’t be that big of a problem.

Also, it’s December (yay!) and so it is now snowing at my blog. Sadly, since most of the theme is white you can’t really see it. I’ll try to do something about that to fix it in the near future.

Two tests tomorrow, one Thursday. Two finals Tuesday, one final Friday. Home Friday evening. Leave to Carolina Saturday. Football game Sunday. Home Monday evening. Sleep and relax. Tron viewing party Thursday. Tron Legacy midnight showing Thursday at midnight (technically Friday). LAN Party Friday evening. Only 10 days until I’m free; even fewer if you count only test days. Bring it.


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2 Responses to WordPress Snow!

  1. Christopher says:

    Wait, the LAN’s on Friday? I thought it was on Monday.

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