So, tomorrow (today) I will be celebrating Devon’s birthday early by eating food and doing something that I haven’t decided yet. In fact, I made reservations which is better than I usually do when it comes to planning dates. I don’t know about presents. Maybe there will be some.

On the first, I will be watching bowl games and relaxing. In particular, I always enjoy the Rose Bowl and am looking forward to the “Gator Bowl” which is Michigan’s return to bowls after two miserable years of nothing. I’d want us to lose so that our sorry excuse for a coach could finally be fired, but because we’re playing Mississippi State my pride is on the line. Thus: go blue! Oh, and maybe we’ll be doing something as a group. Should probably find out some details about that…

The second is Devon’s ACTUAL birthday, so if there are no presents tomorrow, there should probably be some at this point. After that, there’s the Orange Bowl on the third (Andrew Luck, AKA with-any-luck* the Panthers’ first pick in the next draft, will be on display) and I have an eye appointment on the 5th.

(*honestly, I didn’t do that on purpose)

It’s nice to have plans. Also, notice that after the second, I don’t really have any major plans… Which means more video games.


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