Long Weekend

I enjoyed my long weekend quite a bit. Hung out with friends, watched some football, played some games and relaxed… But that’s all pretty much over now. By my estimation, the next time I have a day off will be in March (spring break!). So, for now, I through myself back into my school work.

I’m preparing to do some genetics problems. I had to do a few last week and I found them interesting enough. I have a bunch for this week, so we’ll see how that goes. Also, my chemistry quiz that was set for today got pushed to Friday, which is extra awesome.

I have to go to lab tomorrow. Our usual Organic lab is on Mondays, but because we had Monday off it was a choice between tomorrow or Friday… I think I picked the better option.

Random thought: is it possible the spring semester feels shorter/nicer because of the distance between days off? In the fall, we have half of August, all of September and half of October before some days off. In the spring, it’s half of January, all of February, and half of March. Of course, since February is shorter it does seem to come quicker. Hm.


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